We emphasize knowledge creation, knowledge circulation and change management in all our projects.


Our projects fall into the categories of strategy, policy, operations and transformations. We have led projects in organizational change, knowledge creation and circulation, development of new policies, product and service line development. We have also provided interim management services. In all our projects, we partner with our client and, as the foundation of our work, we emphasize knowledge creation, knowledge circulation and change management in order to drive societal impact.

Please find some examples of our completed projects below.

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Corporate certification

We helped our client prepare and successfully pass the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS) corporate certification and sustainable procurement review. The CIPS Corporate Certification assesses an organisation’s procurement and supply operations against globally and international respected standards. The Sustainable Procurement Review is designed to promote and create efficiencies in the procurement part of the organisation and can reduce the cost of waste in other areas. We helped our client to address those areas, and eventually led the reviews on behalf of the client.

Indirect spend optimization

For one of the largest retailers in Germany, we worked on a project on the optimization of all indirect spend categories of our client. Applying a range of state-of-the-art procurement levers and techniques, we identified measures to achieve on average 8% savings.

Interim management

We provided interim management services to the United Nations peacekeeping operation globally, with more than 20,000 uniformed personnel, more than 2,000 civilians and a 1.3bn USD budget. Our interim Chief Procurement Officer provided operational management, supervision and leadership to a unit of ~50 FTE and was responsible for a large and diversified procurement portfolio of ~400m USD annually comprising a broad range of categories from construction services, engineering supplies, life support goods and services, IT, medical, movement services, leases and others.

Data-driven supply chain analyses

For a client from the printing and packaging industry, we assessed the current supply chain setup with a focus on warehousing and logistics. Data-driven analysis led to hypotheses which were tested with key internal stakeholders and external experts. Planning performance was tackled by driver-based forecasting, e.g. seasonal or geographic demand patterns, reorders, early bird indicators.

Coordination of service providers

We were engaged in the Project Management Office of one of the largest European infrastructure projects of the last decade. Our focus was on the support of the approval process with a complex coordination of several specialized service providers with multi-country and multi-ethnical teams. Approval procedures had a particular public interest and hence highest quality expectations.